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The Dog Training And Learning Center provides complete step by step instructions and training videos that take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

Training lessons are structured to fit into your day-to-day schedule. Playing the games in our programs will enhance and strengthen your bond with your pup while teaching you to be your dog’s best teacher.

Dog Training for Every Dog
Learn Anytime, Anywhere with our Dog Training Courses.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Dog

The Dog Training And Learning Center provides foundation and upper level skills for every dog. Whether you have a puppy, a new rescue or a family dog looking to fine tune behaviors, there is a course for you.
family dog training center

Family Dog Manners

Life Skills and Manners for Every Dog

dog training leash walking

Loose Leash Walking

Enjoy your Walks Together

Canine Enrichment

Enrich, Empower and Excel

Puppy survival 101 (1)

Puppy E Book

Puppy Survival 101

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New: Puppy Program

All Things Puppy

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New: Foundation Skills

Sit, Down, Recall and Stay

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New: Improving Your Dog’s Focus

Level Up your Dog’s Focus Abilities

You Can Start Today

There is no need to wait

Courses can all be started on the day when you bring your puppy or dog home.
The Dog Training And Learning Center provides foundation and upper level skills for Every Dog. Whether you have a puppy, a new rescue or a family dog looking to fine tune behaviors, there is a course for you.

Teach your dog the fundamentals of a well mannered dog:

• Sit, Down, Stay, Recall and Loose Leash Walking

Improve your dog’s:

• Listening skills.
• Focus and attention.
• Ability to make good choices.
• Loose leash walking.
• Door manners.

Game Changing Courses You Won’t Want To Miss! Coming Soon!

Improving Your Dog’s Focus

Level Up your Dog’s Focus Abilities

Foundation Skills

Sit, Down, Recall and Stay

Puppy Program

All Things Puppy

Start your puppy off right before any unwanted behaviors develop

The Dog Training And Learning Center Advantage

We have the online solutions to your dog training needs.

Structure & Detail

Complete step by step written dog training lessons are structured so that they are easy to understand and follow. Growing your knowledge along with strengthening your dogs’ skills as you progress in the courses.


Game based dog training will engage your dog mentally while strengthening the bond between you and your dog. Training games within the courses are taught in short successful sessions that fit into your day-to-day schedule.


Training videos are provided throughout the course to provide clear demonstrations of how to use positive reinforcement, rewards, and consistent cues to shape desired behaviors for a well-mannered dog.

Course Instructors

The courses are written by Denise Ames and Michele Terlep MEd, both are Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA). Together they have almost two decades of experience in training and educating clients and their dogs for real life skills. You will have access to your instructors to help ensure your success.
Dog Training for Every Dog
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Getting a new pup or rescuing a dog is such an exciting process! That lovable face! Those eyes! That cute wagging tail! They are welcomed into the family. You have purchased plenty of toys, bedding and chews for your pup.

But one thing is missing, MANNERS.

Are you tired of having your dog:

Dog Training Courses You Need for a Well- Mannered Dog.

Imagine having a dog:

Our online dog training courses offer:

  • Complete step by step written dog training lessons for easy understanding.
  • Training videos guide learning to meet your training goals.
  • Short lessons that fit into your day to day schedule.
  • Access to certified professional dog trainers to help ensure your success.
  • Affordable training lessons that will fit into any budget.

The Dog Training And Learning Center utilizes positive games based curriculum.

Promoting a positive learning experience while creating an enjoyable training process.

Positive Reinforcement Builds a Strong Relationship

Positive games basted training builds a trusting relationship between you and your dog. By rewarding desired behaviors, you create a positive association and strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

Motives and Engages Learning

Games based training makes learning fun while reinforcing good behavior. The more you reinforce good behavior, the more likely it will repeat itself in the future.

Increases Learning and Understanding

Positive reinforcement builds your dog’s learning and understanding by highlighting their successes. As your dog achieves their training goals, you will see a more confident, happy, and well-mannered dog who enjoys learning from you.

Lifelong Results

Positive games training creates lifelong behavior changes by teaching your dog to make good choices on their own. Training games establish a solid foundation of good manners and encourages your dog to think, and problem solve on their own.

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The Dog Training And Learning Center Advantage

What People Are Saying


Puppy Parenting

Fun And Satisfying

“Blue and I are absolutely loving the course. The games are great fun and so satisfying. Four days in and she’s wonderful at sitting to say please and pausing for food”


Core Skills

Loving The Course!

“We are loving the course – the structure to the training is so helpful and the training games are fun and we look forward to them!”


Foundation Skills

Win Win All The Way Around

“Having this online option allows us to train at our pace, in our preferred environment and when it best suits our puppy! Nothing but a win-win all the way around.”

You Are In Safe Hands

Dog training methods vary widely. There are parts of the world where it is still common to hear puppy parents being advised to smack or alpha roll their puppies. You don’t need to go down that route.

Education through play is the future. Modern dog training methods are kind and effective, and position you at the center of your dog’s world. So you can have a dog that both listens and loves you.

About The Course Teacher, Pippa Mattinson

The Dogsnet training program was designed and written by British author Pippa Mattinson. Her best sellers “Total Recall” and “The Happy Puppy Handbook” have been translated into many different languages and sell around the world.

Pippa’s books have thousands of wonderful reviews on Amazon and she’s widely known for her ability to present dog training exercises in a fun and easy to follow way.

You’ll love watching Pippa’s demonstration videos, and her lessons are packed full of fascinating dog facts and quality training advice. 

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More Fun Ahead!

We help puppy parents make a wonderful start to their dog training journey. But that is just the start! There is so much more fun ahead.


with Moby

My Dog Is So Attentive!

“Loving the course, we’re both having so much fun…whenever I go to the room I train him in he bounds after me and sits attentively ready to start!”


with 4 rescue dogs

Fun, Short, Achievable Session

“Me and my 4 are loving this course, it’s fun with short achievable sessions which in this busy life makes you want to train, as it isn’t a chore.”


with Gwenni

So Helpful Having My Questions Answered

“I’ve learnt so much already about dealing with successes and failures” and “I’m benefiting from and enjoying the forum too and it’s sooo helpful having my questions answered.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days

We think you'll love our All Access pass, but if you don't, just let us know within 7 days and we'll give you a full refund.

Expecting A Puppy? Advance preparation is so helpful.

We recommend you enroll on the Puppy Parenting course 2-4 weeks before your puppy arrives. Don’t worry if you can’t do this, but it’s nice to have time to absorb the first module before tiny paws are scampering all over your home!

A Message From Pippa:

This training program provides the information, help and support I wish I had had when I had my first puppy. I firmly believe that the more information you have, the happier you and your puppy will be. 

I’m so excited to share my knowledge with you using the Dogsnet Online Training Program.  It allows me to include so much more than I could ever put in a book.  And I think you’ll have hours of fun, putting these simple and effective strategies into practice!”

Pippa Mattinson

Frequently Asked Questions

You definitely have time! The training games are short and sweet. Most only take a couple of minutes or so to play. They can easily be slotted into a busy schedule.
You’ll have access to our entry level course for 4 months and to the forum for a full year with our Puppy Parenting and Foundation Skills courses. Puppy Games access lasts for 3 months. And Core Skills comes with 6 months access to the content, and a full year’s access to the forum.
Puppy Parenting and Puppy Games are ideally suited for puppies from 8 weeks old. But you and your puppy will still benefit if your puppy is up to 10 or 11 weeks of age. Especially if you are having problems with potty training, biting, or night waking. For puppies over 12 weeks old, the Foundations Skills course is a better place to begin.
We’ll provide a full refund anytime in the first seven days after purchase. That gives you time to look through the first lessons and make sure that the course is the right one for you.

New puppy and not sure which course to buy? Puppy Games focuses on training and is ideal for more confident puppy parents. Puppy Parenting focuses on caring for a new puppy, though it does include some training games.

If you are new to puppy parenting or if it is a long time since you last raised a puppy, then you will probably be happier on the Puppy Parenting course.

You’ll be able to chat to other students in the private forum and our training team will be on hand to help. However, the steps are so detailed and structured that you should be covered! And we update course content regularly with popular questions and their answers.
Our private members’ forum is a great place for students to get help from our support team or simply hang out with other students. There are hundreds of interesting threads to browse and a comprehensive collection of FAQs for each training course.

The course prices are in US dollars because 60% of our visitors are in the USA. However you can pay in any currency. Exchange rates vary from day to day but you can calculate today’s rate with an online currency converter.

If you have

any questions

please let us know

Privacy Policy


What People Are Saying

“Rocco is an almost 2 year old Labrador mix. He weighs 80 lbs. and is very high energy. Denise has taught me the techniques and given me helpful instructions to make Rocco easier to walk and take out into public settings. This is a work in progress and I know that I must continue to work with Rocco to achieve the level of success I desire.“
“Our rescue dog came to us with some bad habits and needed to learn basic manners. Denise was so patient in working with us! She taught us how to build a relationship with our dog and how to work with him using positive reinforcement so that he could be successful. His new skills and manners exceeded my expectations after working with Denise.“
“Michele was absolutely amazing! She has given us all the tools to train our very active puppy. To this day, we continue to use what Michele has taught us, and our almost 1 year old puppy has come such a long way. Thank you Michele for all your help, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

The Dog Training And Learning Center Advantage

What People Are Saying
Not sure where to start your training? We would love to answer any questions you may have.