Dog Training Made Easy

Dog Training Made Easy


Often, we hear people say that they don’t have the time to train their dog. What if I told you that you really could change your dog’s behavior in just a few minutes a day? Let me share how to make easy for both you and your dog.

First let’s look at your dog’s food bowl. Most dogs get fed two to three times a day. That is a lot of kibble. Think of each piece of kibble as currency that you can reward your dog with. You can strengthen your dog’s behaviors your dog does naturally throughout the day by focusing and rewarding these default behaviors.

Dog Training Made Easy
Step One: Measure out your dog’s daily food and gather up 30 to 50 pieces of kibble.

Step Two: Carry the kibble in your pocket or have it easily accessible in containers around the house.

Step Three: When your dog offers a behavior you like, quietly reward, and go about your day.

Step Four: Continue to look and reinforce good behaviors throughout the day with the kibble you have set aside.

Did your dog choose to lay down? Reward.
Does your dog have all four feet on the floor? Super reward this!
Is he sitting patiently at the door? This is wonderful!
Don’t take these behaviors for granted. Pay out and reward them. Think of all the yes moments that you can reward.

The more behaviors are rewarded the more likely that they will be repeated.

After a few days you may notice your dog offering more desirable behaviors. You may even find your dog to be calmer as your relationship grows stronger as you reinforce your dog’s good behavior and yes moments.

Happy Training!

Denise Ames CPDT-KA, CCUI
Michele Terlep CPDT-KA, MEd
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