2a. Food Fun (5:29)

Enrichment games enhance and build on your relationship with your dog.

There are so many ways to deliver your dogs food to them rather just in a bowl.


Get creative with your dog’s food and teach your dog that they are an active participant.

  • Tossing, flicking and rolling food away from you taps into your dog’s natural ability to chase.
  • Toss food between your legs building enriching your relationship.
  • Slowly hand deliver food to mouth.
  • Fast delivery to mouth.
  • Mix it up and have fun!

Try something new instead of putting all your dog’s kibble in a bowl for them.

You just might be surprised how much fun they will have!!

Food Enrichment can mentally challenge your dog with enriching games and activities for food. You will be providing a productive outlet for their natural foraging and scavenging skills as well as decreasing boredom and stress levels.