2b. Marker Training (6:17)


Develop a consistent communication system with your dog.

Markers are clickers or words like “yes” that are used to tell the dog he is correct. This requires specific timing so that you reward the exact behavior you want.

Add Value to the Marker

Step 1– Click then treat (use kibble) or say “yes” then treat to add value to the marker.

Step 2– Repeat 10x

Step 3– Do this several times per day

Step 4– Wait until your dog looks away, then click

Step 5– Continue practicing until your dog looks at you each time you click.


Using a Clicker as a Marker: Clicker Mechanics

  • Click only once
  • Click then treat
  • If you click, you must treat.
  • Please don’t aim the clicker at your dog – is not a remote control and your dog may focus on it rather than the task at hand.
  • Don’t use the clicker to call your dog


Successful Training is a Daily Conversation Between You and Your Dog