6b. Using the Attention Cue for Re-engaging Focus- delete or move to 5C??? I feel like we have done this and can delete it. 7/13

Building your look cue with low distractions and — practice and building a behavioral habit.

Using your Look cue with real life distractions


Attention Cue in Real Life

Help your dog disengage from distractions in the environment and refocus on you… this game teaches life appropriate behavior patterns.



Step 1 Hang out again at the park. Keep your distance!!

Step 2  When your dog sees a distraction, say your cue… yes and treat with high value treats.

Step 3- Practice again several times…

Step 4- Next, when your dog looks at the distraction, you cue it with Look

Step 5- when your dog looks to you… say “yes” give a high value treat and walk away with your dog… TREATING AS YOU WALK away from the distraction

Step 6- Try this again with a different distraction.


Not only do we want your dog to look at distractions and look back to you, we want them to learn to walk away from the issues.