Being a dog owner comes with a certain set of responsibilities. We need to be considerate and respectful of our neighbors and the people around us by managing the behaviors of our dogs.

The Barking Dog

Dogs bark. That’s what they do. It is our responsibility to prevent excessive barking and keep the peace.

Bring your dog inside if he tends to bark excessively out in the yard. The rule should be if you can hear your dog barking outside so can your neighbors. Only allow him outside when he can be supervised or redirected.


The Jumping Dog

Dog’s paws may be dirty and or muddy and our guests may not appreciate their clothing getting messed up. Dogs nails on our skin can also be very painful.  We need to be very careful and mindful of our dogs jumping on people especially children and the elderly can be quite dangerous. Teach your dog that four on the floor gets rewarded.

The Dog that Loves a Little Too Much

Of course, you think your dog is adorable. He just wants to be petted. Awe, isn’t that sweet. He really likes you. We love and really enjoy our dogs. Remember that is your dog and your guests may not appreciate all the constant contact and interaction with your dog. Provide a safe spot where your dog may go and settle while you and your guest can enjoy each other’s company.

The Dog that Poops

Poop happens, even when we think our dog has already gone, they poop again. Be ready, have a poop bag. In fact, bring a couple of poop bags on your walk. I understand that you may not want to carry it with you on the rest of your walk. But please be a responsible dog owner and pick it up. Big or small poop, nobody wants to see it laying there on the sidewalk or on their lawn when they don’t have a dog. And nobody wants to accidentally step in it.

The Dog that Begs

A dog begging by your side while you eat is hard to ignore and can ruin the whole eating experience. Prepare a stuffed Kong to enjoy while you and your guests are eating dinner. relax and enjoy your dinner in peace.

Happy Training!

Denise Ames CPDT-KA, CCUI
Michele Terlep CPDT-KA, MEd
The Dog Training And Learning Center

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